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AMAS is a team of interdisciplinary students at various level of their education, sharing the same goal of creating a low-cost robust process control solution for additive manufacturing (AM). Our approach roots from the  synchrotron X-ray enabled understanding of AM process dynamics and utilize the combination of low-cost acoustic emission sensor technology and advanced machine learning model. Creating an intelligent feedback control algorithm for on-the-fly AM process parameter optimization is the ultimate goal of our project, and we aim to make our mark on the road to more widely adopted AM.

Adrita Dass

PhD Student, Cornell University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Email: ad989@cornell.edu

I am the Principal Investigator for our selected NASA USRC project (2021). I am a first year PhD student majoring in Mechanical Engineering and specializing in Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM), System Design and Advanced Synchrotron technology. I recently completed my M.S. degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell (2020), wherein my research revolved around understanding the fundamentals of the metal AM processes using high energy synchrotron x-rays in real-time. I am passionate about working on invention of precision  based and low cost quality control technologies for AM, which would be accessible to even small scale AM businesses. Complimenting conventional manufacturing with additive manufacturing is one of the steps forward in sustainability, smart manufacturing and flexibility. Along with this, AM has the potential to be an indispensable part of the aviation and aerospace communities. When I am not found in Upson Hall, I would either be cooking, reading or playing tennis. My dream is to witness the beautiful northern lights someday!

Akula Sai Pratyush

Master Student, Cornell University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Email: sa2343@cornell.edu

I am currently pursuing my Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University. I completed my undergrad with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Materials Science and Engineering. My primary research focuses on exploiting the additive manufacturing (AM) capabilities for the design of biodegradable metallic implants. Being a part of this team will help me play a crucial role in developing more reliable and efficient AM technology. Apart from all this geeky stuff, I love playing the guitar, especially to some 90s rock tunes. I enjoy reading fantasy fiction and experimenting with my cooking. Ultimately, I hope to see my research help out the people in need!

Benjamin Steeper

M.Sc. Student, Cornell University, Computing and Information Science
Email: bds238@cornell.edu

I am currently a first year masters student studying Computer Science at Cornell. I studied Information Science and Linguistics in my undergrad, also at Cornell. I’m familiar with 3D printing, hardware prototyping and programming and in my spare time enjoy tinkering and inventing. I’ve worked as a TA in Rapid Prototyping, Novel Interactive Techniques and Intro to Web Development at Cornell. For the past two years, I’ve focused on developing novel interactive wearable devices in the field of human computer interaction (HCI). My most recent published paper was called “C-Face”, a system embedding cameras into headphones or earphones to continuously reconstruct facial expressions using the contours of the face. I have Canadian roots but I’m from Hawaii, so I also enjoy both snowboarding and surfing!

Chenxi Tian

PhD Student, Cornell University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Email: ct592@cornell.edu

I am a second year PhD student studying AM at Cornell University. I have several years of experience in mechanical designs and integration from working in various vehicle teams during my undergraduate study. Having witnessed the extraordinary capabilities and current limitations of AM, I am excited to become part of the team to make AM a more robust and accessible manufacturing method. I love playing with LEGOs in my spare time and I hope to achieve designs as elegant and simple as LEGO pieces in our project and ultimately enables accessible AM process control solutions for more AM users.  

Selina Kirubakar

Visiting M.Sc. Student, Leibniz University, Hannover, Germany
Email: selinacit@gmail.com

I am pursuing my master’s degree in Photonics and Laser technology – Optical Technologies, as a visiting researcher at Cornell. I am very excited to be a part of this project as it is multi-disciplinary and involves different technologies coming under one roof. More interestingly, I get to work with sensors and its aspects in this project. Apart from my study activity, I love to jam guitar along with my voice and I am very active in social media expressing my thoughts, opinions and songs. Can’t wait to unfold many more accomplishments along with this team.

Siddharth Patel

MBA student, Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management
Email: srp267@cornell.edu

I am a first year MBA student at Cornell Johnson. I have experience managing and growing a CPG business in India. Additionally, I have also worked as a Risk Manager with a global bank sharpening my analytical skills and putting to use my strong technical knowledge gained during my undergrad in Computer Science And Engineering from IIT Bombay. Knowing the future of AM technology and understanding how this project will help solve some of the most critical challenges in AM’s adoption, I am excited to be a part of this team and leading the commercialization efforts of the project. I love playing Badminton, Squash and water-polo. I am also passionate about films and love to travel – have visited more than 25 countries. During COVID times, I have taken a strong interest in cooking, yoga and reading.

Our Mentor

Atieh Moridi

Asst. Professor, Cornell University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Email: moridi@cornell.edu